patient genezen met Rife machine

23 Aug, 2008 00:17


I have been an infrequent poster on this site but wanted to share my

story to give hope to those struggling with Lyme.

I contracted Lyme disease in June, 2007. I did not see a tick or a

bull's eye rash but had the Lyme “flu”. My whole body was so achy it

was hard to even lay down on the bed. But the symptoms passed after

a couple of days and did not reappear until I had a chiropractic

adjustment in August. Twenty-four hours later I thought the

chiropractor had done somthing terrible to me…

Fast forward to Novemeber, I have a diagnosis of Lyme disease from

LabCorps with no co-infections. I took 12 days of doxycycline and

put in an order for a Doug coil from John Stolar and a magpulser from

Robb Allen. I felt a lot better after the antibiotics but nowhere

close to normal. Both rife machines arrived on January 17, 2008.

I rifed five days a week with Robb's machine and twice weekly with

the Doug coil. I had also started taking salt and vitamin C in early

December and continued on 4 grams of each throughout the spring. By

the end of May my only remaining symptoms were frozen shoulders, a

result of holding my upper body still for most of the fall to avoid

the excruciating pain of movement.

I have been re-mobilizing my shoulders for most of the summer, seeing

some therapists but doing most of the work on my own. I'm fairly

certain I can return to yoga class in September, October at the

latest. I'm not “perfect” but close enough.

So hang in there and never under-estimate the power of the rife

machines. I believe that was what knocked the little buggers out the

best (after the antibiotics had first crack).


Bron: Lyme and Rife group

18 Aug, 2010 17:04


Ben je woonnachtig in Nederland? Zou graag de Doug Coil eens willen ervaren.

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