Post from Phil R.(partial post)



> So … where to from here. It has been my experience (lyme for 40 years) that

only two treatments are effective against lyme disease: rife and salt/c. As to

rife, I have yet to see anyone totally symptom free from lyme using this alone.

But with salt/c, we see many people symptom free and quite a few testing clear

on all bands of the pcr who were previously testing positive on certain bands.

Note that I use the terminology symptom free. This does NOT mean you are cured

of lyme. IMO, it appears that you become symptom free and STILL HAVE TO KEEP

TREATING. This is important. Don't cut it short! I speak from experience,

because I cut salt/c short and relapsed. And went straight back on salt/c. And

am now almost symptom free again … a couple of minor things only remaining.




> Lastly - a primary symptom of lyme is adrenal fatigue. I would be wary of

trying too many treatments/supplements at once in your shoes. Even taking things

to support the adrenals can have an adverse affect. Malabsorption is common and

when you have it, your body can barely digest the stuff you take - and mostly

not at all. If this happens, it all becomes just another toxin for the depleted

body to remove, making the situation worse. The reason why supporting the

adrenal is often a wasted (and detrimental) exercise is because the real problem

is the hyperthalmus-pituitary gland-adrenal gland-thyroid cascade. Generally the

hyperthalmus is one of the first infected glands - which means that the correct

signals aren't sent… thus no matter how much support for the adrenal gland you

provide, it still won't work until the cascade integrity is re-established. How

do you do that? Reduce the infection load. How? Salt/c and/or Rife.