Spiro Stat Technologies, L.P. provides laboratory diagnostic testing to health care practitioners to enable them to better identify spirochete organisms and possible co-infections in their patients. Patients infected with spirochete organisms may exhibit manifestations of infection which can include arthritis, carditis, and neurologic deficits and an array of different symptoms.

Spiro Stat uses modern molecular diagnostic approaches that have been validated under stringent criteria. All laboratory testing is performed in a CLIA licensed and CAP certified facility.

Our current diagnostic panel detects:

Borrelia afzelii

Borrelia burgdorferi

Borrelia garinii

Borrelia hermsii

Borrelia parkeri

Borrelia valasiana

Brachyspira aalborgi

Bracyspira hyodysenteriae

Ehrlichia ewingii

Francisella tularensis

Mycoplasma fermentans

Rickettsia spp (9 species)

Treponema pertenue

Treponema carateum

Treponema denticola

Coming very soon Babesia microti