Richard Bierman on lyme disease

Introduction My name is Richard Bierman. My daughter and I have Lyme disease. As an acupuncturist and complementary health practitioner, I have spent numerous hours talking with others and reading up on the subject to come up with alternatives to the use of antibiotics. Unfortunately there are only a few heroic practitioners out there who are willing to take the time to study this complex problem.

The following is a compilation of my research and treatment of Lyme disease. Nothing here is meant to be the last word.

Short Etilogy and Mechanisms of Action Lyme disease (LD) is a multi faceted recurrent illness caused by the tick borne spirochete Borrelia burgdorferi (Bb) and its co organisms Babesia microti, Bartonella henselae, Mycoplasma, and Ehrlichia. Along with this host of pathogens, secondary infections can occur from the use of antibiotics, such as systemic Candida albicans and fungal infections. Aggravation of other chronic illness can occur from the treatment of LD. This includes aggravation of latent Herpes simplex I and II, and Herpes Zoster as well as other viruses EBV and HH6. Elevated heavy metals such as mercury aggravate the illness and slow down recovery.

Bb has can live in the blood and tissues, and in the macrophages. It has a least 4 forms, granular, spirochete, cell wall deficient and cyst phase. There is a report of a bleb phase but I am not sure what this is. It is a gram negative anaerobic organism. There are reported to be hundreds of variants of the Bb species. There is also reported in the early literature of a concominant virus found in the deer along with Bb. The Bb loves fatty tissues and can bore through tissue. Babesia can live inside the red blood cells. There is suggested evidence to link this organism and some of its co factors with genetic engineering and biological weapons research.

Lyme disease if treated early can be resolved and a person can be cured. If left untreated it may become progressively worse. Supposedly one report is that 70% of the patients can be treated effectively with allopathic protocols.

Along with this are secondary effects due to the gram negative nature of Bb bacteria. Gram negative bacteria have a lipopolysaccharide cell wall “LPS”. The LPS are neurotoxins which have a low molecular weight which affect the whole body through the following mechanisms:

1. Disrupts sodium and calcium channel receptors 2. Attacks enzyme reactions involving glucose processing at the cellular level 3. Manufactures renegade fatty acids impairing membrane function. 4. Stimulates phospholipase A2 (PLA2) which prematurely uncouples essential fatty acids from cell membranes 5. Impairs the function of PPAR gamma which affects changes in DNA function and gene switching. - from The Detoxx Book by John Foster M.D. et al.

As the neurotoxin migrates into the cell nucleus, it turns on the gene group at the cytokine nuclear receptor. Toxin production is stimulated by the host which leads to inflamation and pain. As fat soluble neurotoxins move through the cells they get into the hepatic system, and the body may be poisoned continually. (The liver and gallbladder could be significantly impaired and thus the detoxification and elimination processes may be adversely affected.)

Slowly over time the neurotoxin levels may rise, increasing the presence of TNF alpha, IL-beta and IL6 and the body is slowly poisoned from the inside. TNF alpha suppress mylelin formation (the fatty insulation layer of the nerve cells), competes with insulin at the cellular receptor sites, and causes hypercoagulation of blood and thus restriction of blood flow.

There is clinical evidence to indicate that other types of exposure to toxins such as mycotoxins, algae toxins and other chemical toxins also affect the immune system in the same way as Bb endotoxins.

Transmission of the bacteria Most of the literature says that the disease is transmitted through the deer tick. Some experienced MDs are saying that it also transmitted sexually and research indicates through breast milk. Some reports indicate that it is being found on other vectors such a field mice, dogs, cats and insects such as fleas and mosquitos. One report has found it in sheep in Europe. Two highly respected researches independently using different diagnostic models have found very high numbers of infected individuals throughout the general population. This is suggestive that the organism is transmitted in other ways than through insect and animal vectors.

I have found that whole families seem to be affllicted. The conventional literature says that one has to have the tick biting your body for 24 hours.

Testing for the illness is the most reliable lab for antibody testing for the presence of the organisms. Unfortunately you can have a lot of false negatives and may not be completely conclusive. Waiting for the results can allow the organism to take root.

The spirochetes can be seen sometimes under dark field microscopy. Reports are that it may take up to four hours before you see the spirochetes. Also if the blood is incubated for 3 days the spirochetes come out of the cells.

Functional Acuity Contrast Test (FACT) is a simple vision test of the ability of the eye to distinguish gray scale. A failure of this 5 minute test can indicate the presence of neurotoxins in the body. This test has also been reported to be a marker for determining the effectiveness of the tx protocol.

The presence of symptoms is always a good way of determining if one is sick with this illness. Presentation of Symptoms Top Initial presentation in 50% of the patients is the presence of a bull's eye rash around the bite. A mild fever and flu like symptoms can present a few days later. In some cases no initial presentation occurs and the person does not know until many months later if he or she is infected. It is very common to have an individual find out years later that they have Lyme disease. This may happen after spending time and money going to see numerous doctors and health practitioners and being diagnosed with all sorts of maladies.

The condition affects all systems of the body and can present in the followng ways: Random mild to severe pains in the large joints Gout like symptoms Random localized numbness and burning on the surface of the skin Skin rashes that look like psoriasis or other strange aberrations Fever of unknown origin Digestive complaints, nausea and vomiting (vagus nerve and GB) Diarrhea Constipation Debilitating Fatigue High blood sugar/ cellular resistant diabetes/ sugar and carbo craving/ weight gain Severe headaches including migraines Photophobia Stabbing pain and heaviness in the eyes Bells palsy, can be on both sides Pain in the back of the neck and spine Paralysis of the entire body or parts Insomnia and nightmares Uncontrollable anger and depression Schizophrenia Phobias Tachycardia can be severe, one report of a person dying of this Lyme disease related condition MS Parkinson Confusion Loss of short term memory Poor concentration Reduced task completion Burning and red eyes Chronic cough/asthma Nosebleeds Vertigo/dizziness Panic attacks Tinnitus Pins and needles, numbness of extremities Highly sensitive to touch Sore throat Low body temperature

This is the illness of a thousand manifestations. Individuals goes through a revolving door of symptoms as the neurotoxins move through different systems. Treatment Approaches Top As this illness move deeper into the population, more and more treatments are being investigated. It appears that there is no magic bullet for all cases of Lyme disease. The organism replicates every 28 days and all treatments have to be at least 9 to 24 months to be effective, unless treatment begins in the initial phase from 1 to 3 months. Relapses are common. Sometimes one works to a stalemate with the illness and is able to function normally with minor or no symptoms. Some people report successfully battling the organisms to the end and are free of the disease. Treatment approaches have to include a way to kill the organisms including in the brain, eliminating the circulating neurotoxins, supporting the body in the process and boosting the immune system while down-regulating its inflammatory response.

Simplified this means: Find a way to kill the bugs Open the pathways of elimination to deal with aggravation of the die off of the organisms, or Herxheimer reaction (HERX) Drain the lymph, liver and gall bladder, and clear the colon to clear the body of TNF alpha and neurotoxins along with heavy metals Circulate the blood and make it less viscous Regulate the immune system to target the organisms and lower inflammatory responses, keep the body alkaline Keep the body temperature up to 98.6°F Treatment approaches include: Long term antibiotic therapy Long term Chinese Medicine Western Herbal Medicine Homeopathy Nutritional and Orthomolecular Medicine Heat treatment through increasing cellular activity, usually chemically induced. Electromagnetic therapies such as the Rife machines Ozone: sulflation, sauna, IV Conjunctive therapies include: Hyperbaric oxygen, both low and higher atmospheres Saunas in the infared range/sweating out toxins and metals Supportive therapies include: Lymph cleansing via machines, massage, exercise and herbs Exercise Qi gung, yoga, tai chi Diet Probiotics to maintain normal bowel flora Note: I would recommend that everyone, if possible, get rid of the stressors in order to help with the healing process and speed up the time it takes to get well. Remove the metals Get the cranial/sacral flow going (cranial sacral therapists) Clear the focuses of infection: cavitations, root canals (a true biological dentist) Remove the severe subluxations: first rib, etc (osteopath, chiropractor or good body therapist) Take any trauma out of the body like car accidents using body therapy and Homeopathich Arnica in high potency Clear the scars leaks, (Acupuncture, Scenar, oils?) A General Protocol Top “I utilize these methods in my practice.” - Robert Jay Rowen, M.D. (President, International Oxidative Medicine Association, and Editor-In-Chief, Second Opinion) This is a general protocol. Please modify as needed. 1 Artemisinin (or preferably, PhytoArtemisinin, which contains phytosaponins) - start with one or two a day, work up to six per day. (Babesia infections, and getting at the cysts) (Note: Artemisin/PhytoArtemisinin should be taken separately from the Prima Uña de Gato). 2 Prima Uña de Gato TOA-Free capsules - start with 1 on an empty stomach 1/2 hour before meals; work up to 6-9 per day (antimicrobial + detoxification + immune support). See Note in #3. 3 Or, replace #2 with: Prima Uña de Gato TOA-Free liquid. (2 drops appear to equal 1 capsule for peripheral symptoms; 1 drop may equal 1 capsule when a person has CNS symptoms). See #8. Note: It's important to start slowly, 1 capsule or drop per day. The liquid can be added sequentially up to 21 drops per day (7 drops 3x/day) for 6 months then 6 months on 5 drops 3x/day. Expect reactions. If Herxheimer reactions last for more than 3 days, revert to previous dosage level. 4 General support of the pH, autonomic nervous system. Blend together: Progreens + Flax seed powder + ImuPlus, take at least once per day along with Vit E, Magnesium, Vit C 3-6 grams (or Vit C ascorbate), B vitamins 5 Enzymes: Take 3 to 6 Pancreatic Glandular capsules 3x per day between meals; or, take 2 Nattokinase capsules 3x/day between meals. (Do not take Nattokinase at the same time as other enzymes.) 6 Before bed: Lactobacillus GG, Colon cleansing formula. 7 “Seawater” (Trace Minerals Concentrace liquid minerals and RealSalt in cup of water) with a couple grains of quality Cayenne. Circulation enhancement to extremities is rapid (within seconds to the head), and warming helps balance the Uña de Gato Liquid. 8 Added November 18, 2003: Dr. Cowden thinks that the drops are stronger in the central nervous system than capsules. The alcohol base of the liquid may facilitate delivery across the blood-brain barrier. Due to the extraction process, the liquid may be more lipophilic, and more readily able to access fatty nerve tissue. This also means people with CNS symptoms sometimes get Herxhemer's reactions more easily. Some people starting out have needed to put one drop in 4 ounces of water, and drink half of it at a time. He also indicated that most people tolerate one drop quite well, and have slowly built up to 7 or 8 drops three times a day. Both Dr. Cowden and Dr. Bierman also emphasizes the importance of staying alkaline, which can be a challenge for most people who eating a high protein diet. Aids that people employ for this include: Avoiding allergens - Magnesium carbonate, or buffered vitamin C - Rescue Remedy - Visual imagery - Fiber including flax powder, slippery elm, psyillium - Homeopathic remedies.

Specific protocols for other symptoms: Joint pain: Inflamed (Allergy Research Group): 2 - 3x/dy Tumeric Serraflazyme (Cardiovascular Research) Blood Sugar: Glucose Tolerance Factor Glucosol (Allergy Research Group) Energy: Germanium (Allergy Research Group) Cordyceps Sleep: Melatonin 5HTP Candida: Fungal Defense (Garden of Life) Olive leaf extract (Prolive - Allergy Research Group) Immune Prime (Allergy Research Group) Tachycardia: Cardioplus (Standard Process Labs) Hawthorn berry CoQ-10 Viral Infections: Immune Prime (Allergy Research Group) Olive leaf extract (Prolive - Allergy Research Group) Remove other infections and heavy metals: Modifilan - 12 per day in the AM before meals for 6 months Infrared Saunas Cilantro Chlorella DMSA/chelation: must be done under clinical supervision Supportive Therapies: No sugar, gluten grains, breads Eat lots of protein and vegetables; avoid vegetables that grow below the soil Coffee enemas: 3 per week Infared saunas: 3 per week Gall bladder flushes Aerobic exercise Nutritional Medicine Approaches Top Nutritional medicine can support the process of detoxification of neurotoxins from the body, and the immune system. Detoxification has to be done on a constant basis until all the neurotoxins are gone and of course the organism is not reproducing. A good explanation of the theory and a treatment protocol is presented in The Detoxx Book by John Foster M.D. et al.

Anti spirochete and antibacterial: Oral Silver protein - anecdotal evidence supports the use of silver protein as an anti-microbial. IV vitamin C - it definitely can relieve some of the symptoms, some reports indicate it can be a cure. TNF alpha antagonists: (Detoxx Book) EFA therapy per lipid testing (EPA, DHA, GLA omega 6 to 3 ratio) Butyrate Low carbo diet Glutathione (GSH) IV fast push 1800 mg or higher Ginkgo Adenosine/Inosine Melatonin Hormonal therapy: DHEA/Pregnenolone PhosChol PPAR: Peroxisomal proliferation-activated receptor antagonists: (Detoxx Book) EFA therapy Hormonal therapy High fat diet Chlorophyll in green leafy vegetables

Diet is extremely important. For many people, a high protein, high fat and low carbohydrate diet seems to be very important for their recovery. Completely avoid the use of artificial sweeteners. No sugar, avoid wheat and other gluten foods. Drink lots of pure water. Supplements and Their Sources Top The following is a list of supplements and their sources in each category of the symptom/sign complex:

Borellia Olive leaf extract (Allergy Research Group, Premier Research Labs) Garlic (Zhang, Kyolic high doses) Prima Uña de Gato (Allergy Research Group) R5081(Zhang) Not So Well (Allergy Research Group) Wormwood (Herbpharm) Black walnut green hulls (Herbpharm) Neem (Premier Research Labs) Essential oils- Thieves oil & others (Wisdom of the Earth, Cottonwood Arizona) Colloidal Silver (Allergy Research Group) Lymes Formula (KW Botannicals) American Herbs (Monastery of Herbs, Hanna Kroeger) Rife treatments (rife lymes yahoo discussion group) Ozone therapy HBOT (mild hyperbaric yahoo discussion group) Anti-inflammatories AI#3 (Zheng) GSH in IV push (Detoxbx) Nattokinase (Allergy Research Group) Bromelain (watch out with viral infections) Silkworm enzyme (Cardiovascular Research) New Zealand green lipped mussel InflaMed (Allergy Research Group) FYI (Garden of Life) Tumeric (Premier Research Labs) Detoxx Book Protocols Wobenzyme Hypocoagulation of the Blood Circulation P (Dr. Zhang) Nattokinase (Allergy Research Group) Detoxx Book Protocols Alkalizing the Body Buffered Vit C (Allergy Research Group) Acid Defense (Garden of Life) Prime PH (Inner Light) Green drinks such as Chlorella (DtBox) Super green (Inner Light) Perfect food (Garden of Life) Green Vibrance ProGreens (Allergy Research Group) Quick fix: Baking Soda Heavy Metal Removal (see Amalgam Illness by Andrew Cultler PhD) DMSA (may be too strong) ImuPlus (Allergy Research Group) Chlorella Modifilan (alginate) IV GSH Mung beans cooked Metal Free (Metal free) Heavy Metal Detox (KW botanicals) Note: Heavy metal detoxification is an involved process and should only be done with enough knowledge on how to proceed or in consultation with an experienced practitioner. Tachycardia Cardio Plus (Standard Process) Hawthorne Chinese herbs Insomnia: Chinese Herbs HerbSom (Zhang) Melatonin 5HTP Colon/Bile/Liver detox: Psyllium seed with bentonite Herbal colon cleansers like Expericence (Awareness Corporation) Coffee enema Bile salts/phos chol (DtBox) Green drinks such as Chlorella (DtBox) Super green (Inner Light) Perfect food (Garden of Life) ProGreens (Allergy Research Group) Super Seed (Garden of Life) Modifilan 10/day on empty stomach in the morning ( Castor oil packs (Premier Research Labs) Baths- Fir Saunas HBOT Beta-sitosterol Glutathione Support IV GSH (DtBox) Branched chain amino acids (DtBox) Gluta-Ascorbs (Allergy Research Group) Bioactive Goat (Garden of Life) Whey Protein, ImuPlus (Allergy Research Group) High quality protein diet Low carbs Vit C Nebulized glutathione (DtBox) Immune Support RM-10 (Garden of Life) Bovine Whey - ImuPlus (Allergy Research Group) Goat protein (Garden of Life) Transfer factor plus (4-Life) Colostrum (Goatein I-G, Garden of Life) Imm-Kine, contains 1,3 beta glucan (Allergy Research Group) Lactoferrin Oralmat rye extract (Allergy Research Group) Vit C to bowel tolerance Probiotics Primal Defense (Garden of Life) Lactobacillus GG (Allergy Research Group) Flora Balance (O'Donnal Formulas, San Marcos) Host Defense Secondary infections: Lysine and EFA for herpes control Other anti-virals Prima Uña de Gato (Allergy Research Group) Olive - Prolive (Allergy Research Group) Ozone Rife Babesia Artemisinin or Phytoartemisinin (Allergy Research Group) Artusunate (Chinese source) Artemisiae Caps (Dr. Zhang) Yeast/Fungi Tannalbit (Intensive Nutrition) Fungal Defense (Garden of Life) Black Radish (Standard Process Labs) Olive leaf extract (Prolive - Allergy Research Group) Immune Prime (Allergy Research Group) Depletion of the Body - Lyme disease has been reported to deplete the body of Magnesium, B vitamins and vitamin E. Fatty Acids are very important, there is some controversy over the amounts of omega 6 and omega 3 ratios. A fatty acid blood panel is way to determine what the ratio should be (Detoxx Book). Sources of fatty acids: Black Cumin Oil (Allergy Research Group) Body Bio Balance (Dtbox) Cell Foods (Allergy Research Group) Quantum EFA oil blend( Premier Research Labs) Super Seed (Garden of Life) Flax Seed Powder (Allergy Research Group) If the body is depleted as in most individuals with this illness then one has to increase the ATP at the cellular level. This can be done with the use of: Cell Foods (Allergy Research Group) MWO: Multiwave Oscillator Infrared therapy Links Top Allergy Research Group (consumer site = Nutricology) American Lyme Disease Foundation Center for Disease Control Concentrace Trace Minerals Garden of Life Get Well International Infrared Electric Light Sauna Therapy Intensive Nutrition Lyme-and-rife: Beating Lyme with Rife Machines & Ozone Lyme Disease Foundation Lyme - Mild Hyperbaric LymeTruth Modifilan National Institutes of Health Neuraltherapy Detoxification information Precision Herb Co. Premier Research Labs Real Salt SensibleHealth liver and gallbladder detox Standard Process Stealth Virus Support Group - Richard Bierman